The Tech built the world’s only gallery that shows how Silicon Valley technologies are revolutionizing human thought, creativity, and communication. The Innovation Gallery’s four unique, hands-on exhibits (Reface, Social Circles, Reactable, and Resolution) explore the intersection of art and technology, immersing visitors in digital art, virtual travel, computer animation, and nanotechnology. Reface, created by Golan Levin and Zachary Lieberman, lets visitors dynamically combine images in ways that are often funny and sometimes strange. Social Circles, created by Snibbe Interactive, promotes social encounters through playful interaction. Reactable, created by Sergi Jorda, Marcos Alonso, Martin Kaltenbrunner, and Guenter Geiger, lets visitors experiment with a revolutionary electronic instrument to create new music. Resolution, created by contemporary art duo Zigelbaum + Coelho, allows visitors to explore, play, and create dynamic light compositions from the piece’s 200 magnetic, physical pixels.

Michael’s Contribution
Established a clean, clear, and playful design that enhanced compelling interactive experiences, Explanation graphics were also developed for the four exhibits. The design and selection of materials, furniture, and lighting were done in close collaboration with exhibit designers, experts in hardware and fabrication, facilities managers, and agents enforcing government safety and disability requirements.


The Tech Museum of Innovation