A $1.5 billion investment plan is underway to revitalize Oakland’s waterfront, renovate and modernize the Oakland Army base, create a vibrant restaurant scene, and revitalize its urban jewel, Lake Merritt. This plan could attract thousands of people and create an upswing in real estate. Central to this initiative is a new baseball stadium forThe Oakland Athletic’s (The A’s). Keeping the A’s has important economic firepower to support the city’s growth.
Michael’s Contribution
Created a unifying campaign for the many organizations that support development of a new baseball stadium in Oakland, including Let’s Go Oakland, the Green Stampede, Oakland Fan Pledge, and Save Oakland Sports. The intention was to hit a chord with A’s special  fan base who are  passionate about their underdog team and see the team as a positive icon of the city. It would also and make a statement that the threat of taking the a’s out of ‘Oklnd’  would not shake their spirit as a tolerant, diverse, and energetic bunch.


Save Oakland Sports